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Inspiration pt. 2

September 29, 2011

Previously I talked about Inspiration. In a nutshell I broadly talked about where inspiration might come from, what it can do, and how a spark of an idea might grow into something inspirational. I realize the previous post ( may be a bit confusing. I apologize. I will work to improve the organization of thoughts before publishing them to the wilds. Today, I would like to discuss specific sites / artists that inspire me. In relation to this I will be putting a page up with links to some of my favorites.

1. Dave Kellet. / Dave has been writing and drawing Sheldon since 1998. ( Drive a forray into the Science Fiction world vs. a more traditional daily strip is both awesome and hilarious. Of course Sheldon is the same. Why do I find him inspiring: Dave has an uncanny knack for blending honesty and a sharp wit to tell a compelling and at times emotional story about a ten year old software writin’ billionare. Likewise Drive has a broad imagination at work with the world that is currently under construction.

2. Jason Brubaker. Jason is the artist behind reMind, an online/print graphic novel about a lizardman in a cat’s body and his struggle to get back to his family and right the wrongs being done by the current ruler. In addition to telling this phenomenal story Jason develops a blog about creating graphic novels that covers each aspect in excellent detail. There are articles on drawing, self-publishing a hardback print version, marketing yourself online. Why do I find him inspiring: I believe I stumbled into the site searching for articles on how to draw. I stayed for the tale of Victuals and his struggle to get back home. It is a well thought out story presented by all accounts one of the nicest people imaginable. I have not had the pleasure of meeting Jason, but I have corresponded with him several times. He is always friendly, polite and courteous.

3. Kazu Kibuishi. Kazu is the author of the Amulet graphic novels published by Graphix/Scholastic. Why do I find him inspiring: The artwork. Pure and simple. His landscapes, machines and characters may appear to be simple, but really are anything but. Kazu is also behind the Flight graphic novels, which are compilations of short works by tremendously talented artist.

4. Hayao Miyazaki ( In my opinion LEGENDARY directory, writer, artist. Why I find him inspiring: The sheer amount of excellence in everything he does. Characters and stories are developed and crafted in a loving way. The protagonists stand for something good and must face challenges of all sorts from the villian, or simply navigate through a portion of life dealing with what is encountered. He is a masterful storyteller and teaches us about concern for one another as well as our fragile planet. His work is enjoyable from the very young (age 5 years) through older and more jaded years.

The work of these for individuals create sparks in my imagination, show me possibilities of what can be done with the written or drawn and quietly urge me onward. Each time I read or watch something it rekindles the desire to create and that is inspiration worth having everyday.

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