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September 27, 2011

Inspiration. The definition: Some synonyms include: stimulus, incitment. So inspiration is about moving. Bringing forth ideas in the written form I think can be inspirational almost without regard to the genre.

For example the actions of an acient wizard could be viewed as heroic and move the reader to act locally by volunteering within his or her own community. Of course this only works if the reader: A) Likes reading Fantasy literature and B) finds the character’s actions motivating enough. Part A must be presumed, unless of course it is required reading. Part B is up to the writer.

What inspires me/Where do I draw inspiration. Answer: From many places. Ugh, what a cop out answer that is. Really though it fits. I think the broader net you cast in your reading and life experiences (big and small) the more you have to draw on.

I love webcomics. They are becoming more and more popular and the pool of talent creating them is astounding. To see all of the ideas, storylines, concepts and characters is like standing under a waterfall. You nearly drown while at the same time feel such an incredible sensation as the water rushes over you.

Each experience or combination of can create a spark that becomes an idea. The idea may change over time, morphing as you shape it. Which is a good reason to write stuff down. Pen and Paper or bits and bytes, whatever. The writer must then take the spark and if I may build on the metaphor, forge the idea into something. Well, ok we are discussing writing so we can presume safely that a story, essay, novel or somesuch is the goal.

The catch of it all is acceptance of the idea. If poorly written the idea can be lost or confused, misinterpreted or passed over as unimportant. It is the writer’s goal then to express their ideas through their work as effectively as possible. Let us check back in with the Wizard from earlier.

If he were given to deliver grandiose speeches at the drop of a pointy hat, no matter what the circumstance, if he is thanking the barkeep for the last flagon of ale or trying to stir the populace in revolt against the Evil Overlord. It is likely that the reader (and the general populace) will start to tune out his voice and quite probably miss that which is meant to be most moving. Overuse of the stirring speech can kill the idea.

Alternatively, if a character is normally given to long winded diatribes or extreme silence a simple short utterance of something distilled down to its well polished potential can deliver the idea with maximum impact.

Next time I think I will post about some of the writers and creators (never sure what to call folks who write and draw their own graphic novels/webocmics) that inspire me.  

The Stats:

  • One story critiqued at
  • Some words added to a MS in progress.
  • Came up with the conclusion’s outline for the MS.

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