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Hello Vegetables (Apologies Neil.)

September 27, 2011

Welcome. I am starting this blog to get in the habit of writing something, almost anything, as frequently as possible. Kind of like Doogie Howser signing off each episode by pounding away on his PC XT clone (or maybe it was a ps-1.) Anyway… By way of introduction, I am a person who enjoys writing, jogging, programming and most importantly: my family.

Most of my posting is likely to be writing related, because of course that is what I want to improve. I will share links, stories, thoughts both deep and shallow along with a myriad host of other things.

I have seen other writers post their daily word counts, I do not think I am going to do that. I mean I like statistics, who doesn’t? I am juggling several writing projects in various stages and it just seems to me that tallying word counts is not going to measure real progress. Oh, sure I mean word counts do actually measure progress, but whatever, you probably know what I mean. If not, let’s just agree to move on shall we?

Writing, I enjoy it! Lots… I participate over at It’s a free e-zine that caters to Science Fiction, Fantasy, Alternative short stories and Flash Fiction. Great group over there and excellent writing to boot.

I am going to stop for the night here. I promise that I will try and plan out a better post for next time.

Anyway, thanks for reading, I appreciate it.



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  1. srvrstrypr permalink

    Remember the “Celery Stalks at Midnight!”

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