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Seasons Greetings, To All.

It’s Christmas time again. And right now I am sitting in the kitchen, which is lit by dozens of little twinkle lights on a copper strand. I have to say of all the decorations lights remain one of my favorites. The lights shine out against the dark. They glow with many colors and cause smiles to break out.

I was contemplating some deeper message, you know about the ongoing battle between the light and the dark. Yet that message is constantly being fed to us 24/7, without end, in bit-sized pieces and across every conceivable media.

This evening, surrounded by the tiny lights, dwarfed by the enormity of the blackness of the night sky, I sit and write. I urge you to take this message forward with you…

May your days be filled with the happiness of home and family, new experiences and fond reminiscences of old. I hope for everyone glad tidings and joy, peace and goodwill.

To you, dear reader the best and blessed of the whole season.



Chasing Rabbits into a Hutch.

Let’s be honest, it has been a while. Suffice to say that things are busy as things tend to be when life is being lived. Hopefully, lived well. Anyway, several other bloggers have both overtly and unconsciously prompted me to put keyboard to Text Editor, and well, here we are.

First the state of my writing. Egads! I am still thrashing my way through the sixth story in “The Curriculum Vitae of Ignatius St. Eligius” series. I do not know why, but I am stalled a little more than halfway through. Part of the problem is other writing projects. Chris Stocking’s post on Snapshot Fiction outlines ‘chasing rabbits’ and the benefits of flash fiction.

I enjoy flash, it is concise and evocative and truly tricky. My problem is that I have a number of side ‘rabbits’ that are not flash length. Shall we do a summary, yes I think we shall.

Current Projects:

Episode 6 in the Curriculum Vitae of Ignatius St. Eligius. As mentioned, I am more than halfway through. Though halted at the moment. My episodic steampunk tale is nearly at an end, but I just cannot seem to bring it ’round to a close.

Mark 4.0. This is a successor to the Curriculum Vitae in that it takes place a number of years after (about 25-30). It is a three part novel centering on one of the Automata that found their beginnings with Ignatius’s fellow inventor Johnathan Fawkes. I am about four or five chapters into the first part. There are fragments of parts 2 and 3 floating around.

I wrote and completed a short story associated with Mark 4.0.

Ronin 3 My anthropomorphic fantasy of feudal Japan with Cats as the main characters. This reached chapter 3, and upon reflection may get a total rewrite. I finished two stories as background pieces and started a third. The third short story is about half finished. Ronin 3 takes place a number of years after ‘The Fall of Akui.

The Missionary Man. A steampunk/weird west tale. I have been thinking about him and another blogger said that she’d read an entire novel about him. Well, that got me thinking and starting to outline said novel.

And then there is a Young Adult project I want to write, but haven’t started quite yet.  Oh, I mean other than the first few pages. And actually, truth be told there is at least two other YA projects.

I need to prioritize and organize and complete one thing at a time. I think that several well known authors have offered the advice of “Start one thing, finish it. Then start the next.” My trouble is too many ideas flood into me and I get distracted from my current work to the next thing. Stay tuned for resolutions and thoughts on that. I will put something into

So yeah, whole lotta rabbits in the hutch. (Wow, topical and yet dipping the toe in the countryfied vernacular.)

The second BIG THING, my e-book ‘Of Man, Myth and Automata’ received a very glowing review from fellow blogger: Anneque Malchien. You can read the full review Over Here. I was surprised and thrilled at the review, so a huge Thank You to Anneque for both reading and writing.

I have submitted the novella, ‘A Chemical Confusion’ (the first in the Ignatius St. Eligius series) for publication consideration over at Brigantine Press. Fingers crossed and all that!

Coming soon, a full review of the latest version of Draft. I have used it for a while now, and I have to say it’s pretty nice for writing. A lot of features and since  it is browser based, runs just about anywhere.

It feels good to post again, I will make an effort to not let as much time lapse again.

Thanks for reading!


Of Man, Myth and Automata – Live!

I am thrilled to announce that my collection of short stories went live on Amazon today! I cannot even begin to tell you how thrilled I am to see it there in the search results.

The collection spans steampunk, satirical fantasy, Manga influence fantasy and weird west/steampunk. There are tales of revenge, of new beginnings, of Holidays and revenge in the compilation. Here’s the direct link to “Of Man, Myth and Automata.”

The cover for 'Of Man, Myth and Automata'

The cover for ‘Of Man, Myth and Automata’

I Love the Word: Precipice

I love the word because of its sound and meaning. I mean the syllables are very distinct and sharp, kind of like the drop from a cliff. It is quick, too. I bring this up because Monday is the release of my new collection in Kindle format: “Of Man, Myth and Automata.”

I am very excited to have this collection made available to you, the reading public. I could go on and on about how this is a dream come true and that it is an achievement that has lingered with me since early high school (more than twenty years now…)

But, what I would rather say is how it has been a remarkable journey of discovery. I would explain how much I have evolved as a writer, how much I appreciate the support of my Wife and the writing community. I have met many, many talented and gifted writers online through this blog, through sites like Quantum Muse and the Wana Tribe for Steampunk/SciFi/Fantasy. There are the WordPress bloggers as well. You can check out their links on the right hand side of this page.

Be sure to come back Monday for the release! I can’t wait for it.

For giggles, here is the original photo that makes up the cover image.

Haystack Rock and the Needles.

Haystack Rock and the Needles.


Thanks for reading everyone, see you Monday!


The Not So Subtle Agenda

Here we are, rapidly approaching the release of “Of Man, Myth and Automata,” and I’m as nervous as a room full of long-tailed cats surrounded by rocking chairs, closing doors and toddlers with a penchant for grabbing things. Ok, perhaps not THAT nervous. Still what lies ahead on Monday, I cannot take lightly. I am going to publish a book.

I would like to be super casual about it, but like many things in life the exhilaration of the newness is arriving. That pang of fear and doubt, the prickling hairs on the nape of the neck, those signs that you are alive and experiencing something new and wonderful…Like kissing that special someone for the first time. Your lips tingled, your heart fluttered, your bodies melted together and you did not want to stop..Ever.

Well, I promised a cover, and here it is. I admit, it is fairly straightforward. I used a stock template from Amazon’s KDP site. The photograph is mine though. I washed it through a filter in the GIMP (Gnu Image Manipulation) to give it a weathered ‘old timey’ look.

The cover for 'Of Man, Myth and Automata'

The cover for ‘Of Man, Myth and Automata’

What’s inside? A fair question. The book is a collection of some steampunk, some fantasy, a not so epic poem, a Holiday story or two. Oh yes, a pair of bonus prologues from a story I am working on. It is a bit strange really to have two prologues for one story, but that’s ok. One will be the overall start and the other will be the beginning of a section of the book. The lead story in the collection is one that I am particularly pleased with. And if I am honest, a bit confused about. The main character did not turn out at all like I expected him to.

Well, in 5 days you will be able to see for yourself! Please mark your calendars and if you would maybe mention it to a couple of people. I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks everyone, and please…Keep Reading!


Black Powder Brigade Released

I wanted to drop a quick post to let you all know that Chris Stocking released his novel: “The Black Powder Brigade” today on Amazon.

I reviewed it and here is the link to both the kindle version and review.

Please take a minute and check it out.

Thanks, Steve

This Can’t be Right, can it?

I just saw a notice from WordPress that I have been blogging here for two years! Zoinks (to quote Shaggy). I enjoy this site and posting the serial novellas, mostly though I have enjoyed the interaction with other writers.

To the people following this blog or those who just drop in from time to time, thank you for reading!